Celebrating 90 Years of Distinguished Service

Matt Poyner feature image

Matt Poyner feature imageIn celebration of their 90th Anniversary year serving state & local governments, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government is proudly sharing testimonials from their clients, stakeholders and friends to showcase projects on which they’ve worked, lives they have touched, and the impact they are making in Georgia and beyond.

Executive Director Matt Poyner was featured in August 2017 as an alumnus of the University of Georgia, economic developer, and community leader. Regarding the relationship built with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, Poyner recounted the Institute being beneficial for professional development for himself and Development Authority board members, to be prepared to lead toward job growth and community investment. “Every staff and faculty member has represented professionalism, dedication, and dignity characterizing such a fine institution and is indicative of the solid foundation delivered by my alma matter, of which I am proud.”

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quentin-howell-2016The Development Authority of the City of Milledgeville & Baldwin County (DAMBC) announces board member, Quentin T. Howell, has successfully completed Development Authority Training provided by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Participants in the day-long basic training course learned about their responsibilities as members of development authority boards and the role development authorities serve in the local economic development process. Topics covered include legal issues, ethics, conflicts of interest, and open records/open meetings requirements.

In addition, participants learned the basics of financing development authority operations, incentives, and bonds. The class addressed strategic planning in community development, project development and management, and emerging issues affecting development authorities.

“Development authorities are a key resource in every community’s economic development toolkit, and our training provides board members with vital knowledge to help them implement successful development plans,” said course instructor Jennifer Nelson, who coordinates the institute’s training programs for development authority board members, economic development professionals and elected officials.

In a statement, Institute of Government Director Laura Meadows said, “These programs strengthen community leaders’ practical knowledge for implementing effective economic development projects. The better they understand their roles, the more impact they can have on their community’s growth and development.”