• 82% of commercial markets are withing 2 shipping days of Georgia.
  • Milledgeville-Baldwin County is centrally located to major markets with access to road, rail, and air supply lines providing a wide range of options for moving cargo, using one or more different modes of transportation, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Strong transportation infrastructure and extensive connectivity means Milledgeville can offer businesses supply chain management solutions and competitive advantage while improving profitability.
Highways Access ImageCentral Location, Faster Transit
A key strength of logistics in Milledgeville & Baldwin County is location at a crossroads of the state’s interstate, highway, and interchange routes without the heavy use volume, and corresponding transit time delays, experience by major metropolitan areas.
Georgia Interstates Image4-Lane Highway & U.S. Interstate Access
Access is 27 miles (43 km) to I-75 and I-16 and 37 miles (59 km) to I-20, providing easy access North through Atlanta, South to Florida, and East to I-95 in Savannah. 4-Lane US Hwy 441 & 4-Lane GA State Route 22 intersect in Baldwin County connecting Milledgeville & Baldwin County to the state’s major cities and rest of the nation.
Rail ImageRail & Switching Center Access
In Baldwin County, railway systems include CSX & Norfolk Southern Railways. The largest rail switching center on the east coast of the U.S. is within 35 mi (56 km).
Airport ImageComplete Connection by Air
The Baldwin County Airport provides full service for corporate and private aircraft. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is located 89 miles (143 km) North West. The two airports offer complete connection; international, commercial, corporate and recreational.
Ports ImageMajor Seaport Access
The community also boasts access to 2 major Atlantic Coast seaports. The Ports of Savannah and Brunswick are located within 2 hours travel time.