#8 Proximity To Markets

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[2015 Top Site Selection Factors Ranking: #8]

Customer service is what’s behind the importance of proximity to major markets. Proximity has, of course, always been an important location factor, but as expectations regarding customer service change, so does the need for proximity.

Logistics is a key strength for Milledgeville, putting businesses in close proximity to major markets. Milledgeville is in the heart of Middle Georgia at a crossroads of the state’s 1,244 miles (2,000 km) of interstate, highway, and interchange routes connecting Milledgeville to the state’s major cities and the rest of the nation. With the additional options available of rail, air, and sea port, moving cargo using two or more different modes of transportation can save time and increase efficiency.

  • 82% of commercial markets within 2 shipping days of Georgia
  • Location at the crossroads of the state’s 1,244 miles, just over 2,000 kilometers of interstate, highway, and interchange routes.
  • CSX and Norfolk Southern Railways in Baldwin County and the largest switching yard in the Southeast within 35 miles (56 km).
  • Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is located 92 miles/148 km. northwest of Milledgeville
  • Baldwin County Airport, 5,501 ft./1.7 km. long runway located 7 miles/11 km. from Industrial Park
  • Port of Savannah is located 168 miles/270 km. south of Milledgeville
  • Interstate 75 and Interstate 16 are located 29 miles/46 km. west of Milledgeville
  • Interstate 20 is located 37 miles/59 km. north of Milledgeville
  • 4 lane US Highway 441 runs through the Middle of Baldwin County
  • 4 lane State Route 22 runs in front of the Industrial Park

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