#3 Quality of Life

f79687ec-9635-4806-8d7b-4e79b2e8f2a9The measurement of quality of life is subjective and quantification is fluid.

The question is, what exactly does “quality of life” mean, and to whom is it particularly important? These days, the definition is broad and situational. It’s the quality of life that attracts the talent companies want.

Need millennials on your payroll? Don’t neglect the amenities this generation perceives as important. It isn’t enough for focus to be on quality of life to attract a particular demographic. It has to also retain people as their lives evolve. No matter the business or type of workforce, employees are going to want a life beyond the workplace.

With a unique balance of historic/future vision, urban/green space, and development/stewardship, Milledgeville continues to enrich and connect community. Milledgeville-Baldwin County is a great place to learn, play, shop, dine, and live. Get more information about Milledgeville’s quality of life including arts and culture, recreation, healthcare, and more.

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