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Milledgeville is a great place to do business. Pro-business practices, a well trained workforce, logistics and quality of life are a few of the competitive advantages to position businesses to grow and succeed. Milledgeville is located in the state of Georgia, ranked No. 1 for business three straight years and leads in workforce, global access, and infrastructure.

CNBC America's Top State for Business
Site Selection Magazine No.1 Best Business Climate
Top State for Doing Business

Logistics is a key strength for Milledgeville, putting businesses in close proximity to major markets. Milledgeville is in the heart of Middle Georgia at a crossroads of the state’s 1,244 miles (2,000 km) of interstate, highway, and interchange routes connecting Milledgeville to the state’s major cities and the rest of the nation. With the additional options available of rail, air, and sea port, moving cargo using two or more different modes of transportation can save time and increase efficiency.

Milledgeville’s economy is diverse and is fueled by the state’s culture of collaboration. Public support continues to drive new jobs and stabilize existing businesses in Milledgeville and Baldwin County. Higher education, technical training, and several workforce initiatives are available right here in Milledgeville for the ongoing development of employees’ skill set to maintain a competitive advantage. A unique blend of economic and cultural vibrancy awaits newcomers. We hope that you will take a few minutes to think about our wonderful community and how it may fit into your future plans.