History & Heritage

One would be remiss not to indulge in the rich history and heritage that Milledgeville, the heart of Georgia, is known for. Often called “Georgia’s First Lady,” Milledgeville boasts the picturesque and historic campuses of Georgia College and Georgia Military College while grand Antebellum homes line the streets and the natural settings inspires local artists and authors alike. Andalusia, the family farm home to American author Flannery O’Connor, served as the setting for many of her stories and characters is a key stop for many visitors. The Old governor’s Mansion, the first official residence for any governor of Georgia was home to eight Georgia governors from 1839 until 1868 and has been part of Georgia College since its founding in 1889. Another National Historic Landmark and part of the Georgia Military College campus, the Old Legislative Chambers was intensively restored to its 1850s layout and is now home to a museum open for tours. Guided trolley tours wind their way through the historic streets as visitors hear fascinating stories of the city and the state’s gracious and colorful past while viewing the lovingly restored and maintained 19th century homes, public buildings and church.