Milledgeville is located in the center of the state and is referred to as “the Heart of Georgia.”  Being centrally located offers the strategic advantage of  being equally close to more and a wider variety of resources as well as in close proximity to major markets for business growth and prosperity. Being located at a crossroads of the state’s 1,244 miles (just over 2,000 km) of highways, interstates, and interchanges, businesses are connected to the state’s major cities and to the rest of the nation. The world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is a short 90 minute drive; North America’s largest single-terminal container facility, the Port of Savannah, can be accessed within 2.5 hours and access to the areas trucking hub and the largest rail switching center on the East Coast is located about 40 minutes away. The average commute from the Labor Draw Area is 15 minutes. A weekend excursion to Atlanta is an hour and a half away and the mountains or the beach is an easy 3 hour drive.

The City of Milledgeville and Baldwin County Development Authority is located at 105 E. Hancock Street, Milledgeville, Georgia.

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