Infrastructure / Transportation

Milledgeville-Baldwin County is centrally located to major markets with access to road, rail, and air supply lines and a wide range of options for moving cargo using one or more different modes of transportation, saving time and increasing efficiency. Strong transportation infrastructure and extensive connectivity means Milledgeville can offer businesses supply chain management solutions and competitive advantage while improving profitability.

82% of Commercial Markets within 2 Shipping Days of Georgia.
CSX & Norfolk Southern Railways in Baldwin County, Largest Switching Yard in Southeast US within 35 mi (56 km).
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Located 92 mi (148 km) NW of Milledgeville / Baldwin Co. Airport Runway 5,501 ft (1.7 km) length
I-75 & I-16 Located 29 mi (46 km) West / I-20 Located 37 mi (59 km) North / 4-Lane US Hwy 441 & 4-Lane GA State Route 22 Intersect Baldwin Co.
Location at the crossroads of the state’s 1,244 miles, just over 2,000 kilometers of interstate, highway, and interchange routes.
Port of Savannah Located 168 mi (270 km) South of Milledgeville.
Water Treatment: Capacity 12.44 MGD as Permitted by GA EPD & Demand: 5.00/ Wastewater Treatment: Capacity 10.50 MGD as Permitted by GA EPD & Load 4.00 MGD.