Top 10 Location Factors

Top Location Factors Image

Area Development conducted their Q4/2016 Corporate Survey and determined the top-10 location selection factors considered by companies looking to locate and/or expand their facilities.

Find out why companies like yours should consider Milledgeville-Baldwin County when making your next location/expansion decision.

Available Labor Image#1 Available Skilled Labor
Highway Image#2 Highway Accessibility
f79687ec-9635-4806-8d7b-4e79b2e8f2a9#3 Quality of Life
Construction Image#4 Occupancy & Construction Costs
Buildings Image#5 Available Buildings
Labor Costs Image#6 Labor Costs
Tax Rate Image#7 Corporate Tax Rate
Markets Image#8 Proximity To Major Markets
45bcc233-51ee-4ec8-989d-5df70485ad94#9 State & Local Incentives
Energy Image#10 Energy Availability & Costs