Georgia Film, Television and Interactive Entertainment Tax Credit

The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act offers an across-the-board flat tax credit of 20 percent based on a minimum investment of $500,000 on qualified productions in Georgia. The $500,000 minimum expenditure threshold can be met with one or the total of multiple projects aggregated. An additional 10 percent uplift can be earned by including an imbedded, animated Georgia logo and web link on the project’s promotional webpage, or through approved alternatives if they offer equal or greater marketing opportunities for the state. Qualified expenditures include materials, services and labor.
Eligible productions include feature films; television movies, pilots or series; commercials; music videos; and certain interactive entertainment projects including types of animation, special effects and video game development. Interactive Entertainment companies are eligible for this credit only if their gross income is less than $100 million and the maximum credit for any qualified interactive entertainment production company and its affiliates will be $5 million. The total credits available for interactive entertainment production companies and their affiliates will be capped at $25 million and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

This income tax credit may be used against Georgia income tax liability or the company’s Georgia payroll withholding. If the production company chooses, they may make a one-time sale or transfer of the tax credit to one or more Georgia taxpayers.