Survey Context & Objectives

Industrial Park Sign ImageSurvey Context

The BREP survey is the instrument used to identify business’ specific strengths, needs, and opportunities for growth based on the input of the survey respondent. In-person, confidential interviews were conducted between business leaders and representatives from the participating development organizations to give businesses an opportunity to voice their opinions on the current needs, wants and opportunities of local businesses with suggestions to develop existing businesses and grow the local economy. It is important to note interview survey results are dependent on, and subject to, the respondent’s assessment and motivation, as well as overall survey sample representation.

The BREP survey project data collected in 2013 identifies a base from which growth or change can be measured to establish a community development strategy specifically tailored to fit the Milledgeville-Baldwin County community. The 2016 project saw a return rate of 12.4%, with 63 businesses out of a possible 510 (the number of businesses who were invited to participate) completing the survey.

 Survey Objectives

The DAMBC partnered with the City of Milledgeville, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce, and Milledgeville Main Street/ Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for the 2016 BREP survey project. The main objectives of the BREP survey were:

1) To develop a clear understanding of respondent view of the local economy & community;
2) Acquaint participants with available assistance programs; and
3) Establish an ongoing channel of communication between firms & local government.