Strengths & Needs

Community Strengths

Respondents were asked to share their opinion of the local community’s strengths as a place to do business. The top five identified community strengths were:

1) Economic benefit of being a college town
2) Proximity to the Oconee River and Lake Sinclair
3) Small town community connectedness with significant historical character
4) Central location in the state of Georgia
5) Business environment supportive of and beneficial to growth

Further feedback about the connection of business to community indicated strong belief of the Milledgeville-Baldwin County community being fiercely loyal to small business owners and a strong “shop local” mentality fueling healthy competition and strong sense of community connectedness. Additionally, business leadership cited the location of Milledgeville and Baldwin County being instrumental to it being a regional hub for surrounding communities, as well as lower operating costs and efficient logistics due to use of less saturated roadways and highways.

Community Needs

Survey respondents were also asked to share their opinion of the local community’s needs as a place to do business. The top identified community concerns were:

1) Local government support of economic development
2) Workforce to meet employment needs
3) Public education quality
4) Lack of well-paying jobs
5) Few outdoor entertainment and recreation options

Community needs feedback was tied to overall quality of life and the means by which individuals and businesses contribute to community prosperity as a whole. While issues were related to a variety of areas, they had the commonality of all being concern for community and economic prosperity.