Our Milledgeville-Baldwin County Businesses                                                                                              
Our Business Retention & Expansion Program survey project would not have been possible without the cooperation and involvement from our local businesses and industries. Between March 2016 and October 2016, sixty-three businesses, across eight industry sectors, took the time and effort required to participate in the surveying process. From a workforce perspective, the community as a whole, and specific industry sector issues, the meetings allowed positive dialogue to occur for a better understanding of the community’s current atmosphere in relation to local businesses. The participating Milledgeville-Baldwin County’s businesses demonstrated engagement in their community and we are grateful for their involvement.

The Project Team
The Development Authority of the City of Milledgeville & Baldwin County’s (DAMBC) BREP Project Team provided invaluable leadership, time, and effort to the BREP Project. The team members are:

Matt Poyner, Executive Director / Project Leadership
Amy E. Clark-Davis, Editor / Copywriter / Data Analysis / Graphic Design
Brittan Edwards, Copywriter / Data Analysis

The Volunteer Visitation Team

The visitation team dedicated many hours of professional, committed effort to ensure that confidential business interviews were completed efficiently and thoroughly. The visitation team was comprised of:

Hank Griffeth, City of Milledgeville, City Planner
Angie Martin, Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO
Kara Lassiter, Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce, Membership Director
Carlee Schulte, Milledgeville Main Street/ DDA, Executive Director

Staff Advisors/Technical Support Team

The guidance and insight provided by our partnering organization, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Middle Georgia Regional Commission, was invaluable. These participants included:

Candice Scott, Georgia Department of Economic Development