BREP Survey Results

The Business Retention and Expansion Program (BREP) is an economic development tool developed to provide communities with a better understanding of the needs of local businesses and help set priorities for projects to address those needs.

The program enables municipal leaders, partners, and staff to develop proactive short and long term goals for economic development to increase competitiveness, enable business development, investment, and job creation, and foster an environment for future growth.

The BREP project took the pulse of businesses in Milledgeville-Baldwin County in 2016, through personal interview surveys, and this report provides information on the background, key themes, results and recommendations based on the results of the 2016 survey, including comparisons and contrasts with the survey report from the 2013 data collected.

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BREP Overview Link Image
BREP Overview
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Context & Objectives
Data Methodology Link Image
Data Methodology
Survey Results Link Image
Survey Results
Business Information Link Image
Business Information
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Business Climate Link Image
Business Climate
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External Factors
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Strengths & Needs
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Strategy Summary

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