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Industrial Park Building Momentum

Matt Poyner just finished up his first three months as the executive director for the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Development Authority. His networking ability and early activity report impressed Baldwin County Commissioner Sammy Hall in a recent board of commissioners meeting. Sprucing up the industrial park and filling the spec building off Highway 22 rank at the top of Poyner’s list, together with a updated marketing materials and website. The 60,000 square-foot spec building has interested viewers. Completing Phase 2 development of 250 acres at the industrial park is important also.The current plan divides the remaining undeveloped land into large parcels. Poyner said foreign companies need at least 50 acres of flat land to envision the build. The inventory is present, just not ready for construction. “This project takes time. We have to keep our head up, keep moving and hope we are doing the right things. Baldwin County has a lot to offer,” Poyner said. “They can love us, but if we don’t have what they need in terms of workforce, land or buildings, we aren’t going to have a shot at it. Opening up this park will be critical to getting us some leads and generation from the state level.” Keeping current industry happy is important to the development authority. The executive director said existing companies are the heart and soul of the community. As companies like Zschimmer & Schwarz grow their job footprint, industry folks notice Baldwin County’s potential. Helping existing industry growth endures within the agency’s mission. Meeting and greeting these folks makes all the difference. Poyner understands the pressure to reach development goals. “I’m very cognizant that my salary comes from tax dollars. I want to do the right thing. I’m invested in this community and I want to see it succeed,” the executive director said.

Source: Union Recorder