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Development Authority Showing Off Inventory

Establishing an updated list of every available vacant building and land in Baldwin County exists high on Matt Poyner’s extensive development goals report. The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Development Authority’s executive director hopes to include Central State Hospital and the City of Milledgeville owned Shaw Building on the newly renovated website’s reference database. After extensive and ongoing work by Goebel Media Group, Poyner said the website helps brand the community. The authority started using Google Analytics to analyze portal usage. Finding out who is looking and where they are looking from could boost future preemptive research and target marketing. Poyner stressed the importance of attaining the “Bicycle Friendly Community” designation to raise the local profile. Milledgeville and Baldwin County would become the fifth state community recognized by the League of American Bicyclists. Industrial park beautification plans feature walking and bike trails. The development authority continues working six projects, as the area is back on the industrial and commercial map. An alternative energy company is interested in the Spec Building. They may also look into properties on the CSH campus to meet their needs. Creating a more expansive parking lot for Verney and a safer entrance to Triumph off Highway 22 were included in January’s report. A joint city and county effort continues on the 44-acre industrial park west end. Once trees are cleared, the grading process begins. The plat boundary is correct, and the bids for the grading work go out Thursday. Poyner said 15 companies have expressed interest. Once complete, the small land parcel becomes “pad ready” for industrial eyes. Signage upgrades are coming as well. The main entrance sign will have spaces to let passersby know who is back there. Exploring state owned property use as industrial tracts is the topic in an upcoming meeting with the State Properties Commission. According to the director’s report, Georgia Power will help evaluate if the state tracts are useful for industrial or commercial use.

Board meetings are usually held every fourth Monday each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Chamber of Commerce boardroom.

Source: Union Recorder